May 27-28, 2015
Dolce Hayes Mansion | San Jose, CA
Press Releases

Can Radio Continue To Dominate The Dashboard?

You've been hearing it for a while now: The automobile dashboard will become ever more connected, and radio will need to adapt. Well, that future is NOW. Cars are rolling off assembly lines right now with Internet connectivity and streaming audio already on the dash, and AM/FM radio is just one of the options consumers have to get their entertainment and information on the road. The dashboard and connected car are changing consumer behaviors today. Learn what Apple, Google, and others have planned for the car, the ways technology impacts how users use their radio, and how your station must adapt in order to maintain your dominance -- and your revenue edge. At Convergence, coming up June 4-5 in California's Silicon Valley, hear from a panel of experts in radio, technology, and online audio on how the connected car will impact ad dollars and how we sell.

Pattiz and Carolla "On Steroids"

There are huge opportunities in online broadcasting and podcasting, and there is money to be made. Adam Carolla left the world of morning radio to become a podcaster and has seen giant success, with audiences that exceed those of many radio networks.

Interviewed at Radio Ink's Convergence by Podcast One CEO Norm Pattiz, Carolla reveals what he has learned, mistakes not to be repeated, what ramps up audiences fast, why podcasting is and is not radio, and what needs to be done to succeed. He will reveal podcasting's advantages and disadvantages, why he believes terrestrial radio is missing the boat with its digital products -- and what radio can do to achieve huge success with digital. Read more.
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