May 27-28, 2015
May 27-28, 2015 | Dolce Hayes Mansion | San Jose, CA
Convergence Radio Conference
"It's All About The Money"

Convergence is radio's annual digital conference in Silicon Valley, designed with you in mind.

Each year, Convergence brings together the top minds in the digital world to provide insights on the radio, television, online radio, and audio industries about emerging trends, new business models, and forms of digital income. A major land grab is occurring for the digital consumer, and it's rapidly disrupting our long-standing businesses models. Social media and mobile adoption have changed consumer behavior, and broadcasters can no longer rely on their past experience alone. You must embrace the ways technology is changing your world and that of your listeners and advertisers today.

In other words, you need to be at Convergence, where you'll learn about the innovation that matters, who will win and why, and specific actions you, as a broadcaster, can take to stay ahead and generate digital strategies for income and preserving audiences.

Convergence taps digital media insiders -- and radio "outsiders" -- as speakers and panelists, along with a select few from within the radio industry who will give you, in plain English, an accurate reflection of what is happening in Silicon Valley, removing the internal insulators that  keep
broadcasters in the dark about reality.

The event has previously attracted top executives from major technology and media firms as well as Internet icons.

Join us for Convergence 2015 and expect to have your mind challenged, your brain stretched, and your reality altered. You'll leave with deep competitive  advantages.

Bryan Kramer: How Talking To People Will Grow Your Business

Kramer_BryanE-mailAs programmers, sellers and marketers, you know all about how to speak business to business or business to consumer. But businesses don't have emotions -- humans do.

At Radio Ink's Convergence 2015, coming up May 27-28 in California's Silicon Valley, PureMatter CEO and best-selling author Bryan Kramer will explain the importance of "Human to Human Marketing" and how to communicate in ways that demonstrate human qualities like simplicity, empathy, and imperfection. Kramer's an expert storyteller who'll share with you the five tools you need to make critical human connections and become a better marketer, manager, programmer, and even human being.

Read more.

Are You Making A Fortune With Digital?

You're spending your time and resources on digital platforms -- and that's smart. But are you getting everything you can from your efforts? At Radio Ink's Convergence, coming up next month, entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author Joel Comm will present a dynamic talk on "Five Ways to Make a Fortune on the Internet," giving a bird's-eye view of how to become successful online.

Comm will give you a number of strategies and approaches that will help you reach your goals -- including building content-rich sites that give you plenty of options to make money and a coaching program that helps people leverage their expertise and stop trading time for money. He has plenty of real-life success stories to share, with good humor and lots of visuals, and it's sure to be an entertaining, informative -- and very rewarding -- talk.

The Science Of Social Media

Zarella_DanEmailYes, social media is a science. And it's how human beings have been spreading content -- urban legends, rumors, slang, jokes, chain letters -- since we first learned to communicate. Award-winning social media scientist and author Dan Zarella will share "The Science of Social Media" and how your station can leverage those opportunities to bring in more revenue, using best practices and information backed by real data. At Convergence, you'll learn how to fine-tune your station's social media.

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