May 27-28, 2015
May 27-28, 2015 | Dolce Hayes Mansion | San Jose, CA

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Marketron To Execute Radio's First Programmatic Buy

This is huge:  On May 27, live at Radio Ink’s Convergence Conference, Marketron will execute the first ever real-time programmatic spot buy in the radio industry.

As Convergence attendees watch on the big screen, Marketron will facilitate a programmatic buy for a leading radio broadcaster: The broadcaster will publish inventory to Marketron’s Marketplace platform, and the advertiser will buy this inventory using a demand-side platform.

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The demo is designed to illustrate the interoperability between Marketron’s Mediascape and programmatic platforms — just as programmatic is being adopted across the media landscape to maximize inventory and revenue.

Two Burning Questions For Radio Managers

Running your stations isn't getting easier, and there is an alarming trend that is, or will be, impacting revenues in every market.

In the following video, Radio Ink Publisher Eric Rhoads asks these burning questions and reveals this alarming trend.

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Are You Connected?

Today’s new cars are connected, capable of keeping consumers constantly in touch with their audio entertainment, services, and contacts. Everyone from Apple to Google to Zubie is getting involved, and industries from pizza delivery to insurance are facing lifestyle-altering shifts as a result.

Almost since its inception, radio has owned the dash, but today’s tech toys and digital platforms are changing the landscape. Everything is moving crazy fast — but it doesn’t have to be scary.

Radio can continue to hold a primary spot in this ever-more-crowded space and stay engaged with the new opportunities of the connected car. And at Radio Ink’s Convergence, coming up May 27-28 in San Jose, you can find out how, in a panel dedicated to radio’s place on the digital dashboard.

Make Digital Pay Off For Your Station

Streaming, mobile, social media, video, podcasts, websites — radio today has more digital assets than ever. But are they really assets if you don’t know the best ways to sell them?


At Radio Ink’s Convergence, coming up next month in San Jose, we’ve gathered a panel of top sales leaders and trainers to explain how you can make the most of your digital products. It’s a big topic — and a crucial one — and these experts will cover everything from the basics (Do you need a separate digital sales staff?) to the details of choosing the best digital sales platforms for your station and its clients.

New platform options are on the way all the time. Here’s a chance to freshen your sales and marketing approach and bring home the ideas and inspiration that will bring in those digital dollars you’re leaving on the table today. Here’s the stellar lineup.

Make Podcasts Profitable

Podcast subscriptions on iTunes alone have surpassed 1 billion over the last year. It’s time you start cashing in on podcast popularity!

Smartphones and Bluetooth-enabled vehicles have made podcasts more accessible to the mainstream than ever before. With today’s technology, consumers don’t need to be techno-geeks to access the endless amount of high-quality information that can be found in podcasts. And because the host reads the ad messages, they sink in with the listeners better than traditional ads since trust has already been built.

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Four Speakers You Need To Hear

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn at Convergence:

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